64GB USB Flash Drive - Patriot Xporter review

The Patriot XT flash drives are the best for speed and reliability. I move tons of data (documents, graphics and photos) to my flash drives, and after I make changes to some of the data, I copy to the flash drive again (replace existing folder), several times a day moving multiple gigs of data (obviously hard on the drive, but I don't know a better way to save my work. And, really I care much more about saving work that I put thousands of hours into, than I care about a flash drive. I can always buy a new drive, but I can't get my work (data) back if it is lost.

I know that my use is hard on the drives and I have killed many flash. So, to be careful, I back up onto several flash drives, plus a Maxtor External hard drive. I have tried many different brands and Patriot XT drives (XT Boost and XT Rage) are by far the best. Remember, I have killed many flash drives, but I have never had any problems with any Patriot drives. Also, I have never had a problem with any PNY drives.

But the Patriot XT drives are MUCH FASTER, so I am gradually switching to only Patriot drives.

The other fact you should know about speed is that the smaller drives are faster, I just tested a Patriot XT Boost 4GB, Patriot XT Boost 8GB, Patriot XT Boost 16GB, Patriot XT Rage 16 GB along with a PNY 8GB and a PNY 16 GB by moving 3GB (one folder containing thousands of documents) of data onto each drive. The Patriot drives are all much faster than the PNY drives, and the Patriot XT Rage is faster than the Patriot XT Boost, but within each brand the smaller drive consistently beat the larger ones in speed. So save your money and buy the smallest drive that will meet your needs. When you grow out of the drive, there will be new ones on the market that will be better and less expensive.

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